A good story can make your day, and yet we tend to ignore what’s behind it. The athlete, his trick or the sponsors that made it possible. Knowing why and how is one of the greatest things in life.

I like digging deeper and finding what makes people tick. I like juicing the travelling adventures so I can come back with a story worth telling, worth sharing. 


It’s true what they say, a picture really can paint a thousand words, which is why I started taking photos to help me relive the words I wrote and so I figured.. if it helped take me back to that moment I experienced, so it could help the others.
Impactful, beautiful, serene, distracting, nostalgic… images can portray anything you want, and that’s what’s great about them. They’ll show the story you want to see.


Like it or not, journalism, stories and content are now a fundamental part of marketing and digital marketing. In fact, I think they call it content marketing.
Jokes aside, over the years I’ve enjoyed connecting what attracts and interests people with what would make a brand more desirable than another. But when it gets really interesting is when talking about sports marketing, as experiencialism is what everyone desires. 


Over the years I have had the pleasure to work for some of the best brands and medias in the action sports industry. Have a look!