Project Description



In 2012, deep in the general recession and the industry crisis, I identified the need of a better snowboard media in Spain, as most of the printed magazines had closed their doors and the only one left had reduced it’s production dramatically.

Few blogs and channels were appearing online, but the curators an editors were doing it as their hobbies, because making a living form it was impossible. 

So I launched


After over 5 years travelling the world working as a snowboard freelance journalist and photographer I decided to use all I had learnt on the way to launch an online snowboard magazine in Spanish, with original quality content, curated to the detail and putting special attention into: promoting the national scene to show it to the rest of the world and being a window of the international snowboard scene for the nationals.

We covered almost all the national events and many international events, either with articles, original photography, diaries… We have interviewed A-list riders and professionals but also we have featured many passionate souls who had a story to tell.

We have also tried to be as objective as possible with a concealing an promoting attitude. If it’s snowboarding it’s good.

Sbes mag content


I started on my own and Missmonkee Ltd was in charge of programming the website. Further down the line Xavi Quirós was incorporated to the editorial team, also Tatiana Sánchez joined the SBES Mag Team for a brief period taking care of marketing and design. Xavi is today the captain of the boat.

However, many valuable contributors have made SBES Mag possible with their stories, photos and videos.


We organised actions, events and premiers to promote all the sides of the snowboarding and its industry as possible:

Absinthe Film’s Dopamine Spanish premiere together with Nike action to celebrate SBES Mag 1st year; the  SBES Mag Megatest in Port-Ainé and in Valdesquí (Madrid) with presence of over 35 brands with testing gear; Joint Snowboards Cream Contest, a rail jam in Les Deux Alpes (France), etc.

And we also have been media partners for many many events in Spain and in all over Europe.

In 2013 we released the only buyer’s guide in Spanish, with 118 pages of gear, reviews and content: completely only and for FREE!


Despite few loyal advertisers like Dang Shades and Surf 3 and supporters like Nike Snowboarding, most of the brands and companies couldn’t or wouldn’t afford advertising in our platform.

We have had many collaborations and exchanges, but the monetisation it’s still today the down side of this project even though it has a great acceptance and thousands of readers.