Project Description

Ticket to Alaska: The Tailgate experience

Production for Red Bull Media House


Produce 5 video episodes of 5 minutes about the Freeride Festival Tailgate Alaska showing the life in camp, the people who go to such event, the ways to find the best lines and the essence of the Festival and the Thompson Pass Area.

Script ticket to alaska


After the story line was written and the content was distributed per episode, I gathered a team for filming, edit and do the post production. Markus Fischer was in charge of the filming and he also played a key role on the logistics and organisation.

Abstract Films was the chosen team to edit and make the story look pretty, they did an excellent job scratching every bit of usable footage, even though they hadn’t been in the trip.


The plans are made to break them, specially when your work depends on the weather, the snow conditions and many other factors like transportation and other people.

The intensity of the project – 11 days trip – and the nature of it – we couldn’t go back to reshoot any other images or repeat them, made the every day planning indispensable. And in this case, we had sun for the whole trip but on the other side the snow conditions weren’t as idillic or were further away and harder to get, which means more resources and more time to get the images we needed.

It was a small production with a limited budget, which meant we needed to get all the images with only one camera man, and utilise the involved people’s POV camera footage.

By planning, and adapting the story and ourselves to the conditions and schedules we were able to get all the raw images needed.


An “in deeps” story about the Tailgate Alaska and the people around it, which was featured in the Red Bull Snow Channel together with a short story of each episode and stills that framed it all.

The articles were translated in more than 4 languages and featured in all the regional Red Bull Sites.

Some of the episodes were also shared on industry media sites and were shown in the Tailgate Alaska cinema session in ISPO Múnich.

Articles about the episodes and the experience have been published in the Spanish digital Snowboard Magazine SBES Mag and the English Snowboard magazine The Reason.