Project Description

Women in Board & Action Sports

Women in Board & Action Sports organisation was born as Women in Boardsports in 2009 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Two strong women from the industry, Daniela Meyer and Carmela Fleury had a vision and started to make a beginning.

They had an idea, a network of people and started to built a platform. They created an annual Conference with an extensive agenda about board sports and the women in the industry, from product, to careers to inspirational talks. However they were lacking of internet presence and graphic (video & photo support).

Women in Board & Action Sports is a non-profit organisation and I have done 6 years of volunteering work with them.



Took video of all the conference and photographs which then were used for media and Social Networks.


Opened a Facebook Page, Flickr account, Twitter. And later in the year together with other volunteers we built the first WIB website. We also started sending press releases.


New version of the website was developed, we started now sending newsletters and developed a social media strategy: The Facebook Page and Twitter got a big boost and we had over 60 attendees in Saas-Fee from all over the world and over 100 women came to the ISPO Munich WIB lunch.


After developing promotional videos, banners, and links with industry media, WIB started growing. We then decided to change from Women in Board Sports to Women in Board and Action Sports, to be more inclusive.


Despite the changes in the organisation team, the conference kept growing, so it did the community online and the support from the industry media.


A big change was made, the Conference changed location from Saas-Fee to Biarritz, France. In an effort to be more accessible for more girls and women.


Since the first year, my work in WIB has been running behind the scenes, capturing the best moments and make sure they would get shared. Thanks to all the team and women that has contributed this has been possible.

After 6 years fully involved to the project I decided it was time to leave the organisation team and let new talent and younger girls and fresh ideas to get onboard.

Currently, the WIB organisation is setting up the 7th year of the conference and it has had the first time ever dedicated booth at ISPO Munich.  WIB has now it’s own identity and purpose.


Organic promotion

Being a non-profit organisation, WIB had no budget for promotion or marketing, so all the actions had to be planned around collaborative work and organic growth.

Involving the attending women and making them feel part of the WIB community was the key to the growth. Mouth to mouth on and offline pushed WIB forward and gave it a common voice.

Big team, big challenge

Also, working in a collaborative environment with a big team spread all over the world made by generally very busy and active women didn’t always make it easy to achieve goals and deadlines. However, a lesson was learnt: divide the tasks, trust the others but be proactive and persistent. The revision and improvement would come later. It’s perhaps a slower work team dynamics when it comes way to achieve goals, but it’s certainly one of the fewer options you have in an organisation like this.

Be in it for a reason – whatever it is

I always believed in the essence and the idea of WIB, it has helped me a lot and so I wanted other girls and women to have this opportunity. I also thought it was necessary for the evolution of the inside industry to have veteran and experienced women mixed up with younger and talented minds. I believe in the symbiosis that this conference provides.

Other members of the team had different views or reasons but they all helped to make WIB work.

5000+ community

Nowadays WIB counts with over 5000 women in its community which have participated on its events or conferences or in the virtual circles.

WIB has also helped many other non-profit organisations with donations and support like Skateistan and has helped with the funding of other projects involving women and action sports, like the recently released Board of Media documentary “level”.